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Hexoroll Dice
Redesigning the way you roll a dice

Hexagon, a 6-sided, 2-dimensional geometric figure. The Hexagon is a shape commonly found in nature, such as the honeycombs of bee and even the bond-shapes of certain molecules in crystal structures. Hexagons are very symmetrical shapes with 6 rotational symmetries and 6 reflection symmetries.

This shape is the closest you can get to a perfect circle that can be placed in a series next to each other without leaving spaces.

The Hexoroll dice easily rolls out the palm of your hand. We have redesigned the way you roll your dice. The symmetrically balanced design will give your dice equal landing chances on each face. It is made from aluminium, with a hexagon hollow design. The dice is strong, light weight and its very durable too.


2x Hexoroll dices included Per Set

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